Wednesday, February 06, 2008

LUNCHBAGS in Atlanta

hey all!

we're gonna have the first public viewing of the framed LUNCHBAGS at the Atlanta Comic Expo this weekend. it's so great to share these.
no official LUNCHBAGS books yet. i'm still putting it together. but i'll be signin' and sayin' hello at a small booth with Herobear, Sokmunster, and some Shazam development stuff, so please stop on by.

all the best,
m. . .

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Yes, you can remember them from school. But what other goodness do they bring?

Wellllllll . . . over the last 4 years or so, with no other purpose in mind than to bring a smile to my kids each day, I started something fun.
My wife was a librarian/teacher's aide at their school . . . soooooo, trying to be helpful every morning, I’d get up and make breakfast and pack lunches and snacks for all of them to help get ’em all outta the house and to school on time.

Sure, i can help get other people to be on time, but myself?

Anyway, i started to draw a little something every morning on my son and daughter’s bags. It was never anything specific. Just whatever sprang into my head the last five or ten minutes before they left. I hoped it would be something to brighten their mealtime a little. Well, after a while, they were telling me that the other kids in their classes kept looking forward to what would be on their bags. Even the teachers were looking forward to them.
Nothing like a little pressure, huh?
Heck, soon friends would sleep over sometimes on school nights, and they’d request a “lunchbag drawering.” And every so often, i’d even sneak a monster or something silly on my wife’s bag to share in the teacher’s lounge.
Well, all this got us thinkin’. We figured, why not share these silly sketches with everyone else. So i started to take photographs of them. At the beginning of the day, and sometimes if they thought about bringing 'em home, even at the end of the day all crinkled and smooshed. And, here we are almost 3 grades later and i’m still scribblin’ on their bags.

Now other fun stuff is going on with our favorite lil' bags. Sooon a wonderful new book collecting them all will be on it's way, and also we have been invited to a couple art galleries to have a showing of the Lunchbags framed in beautiful box frames.
Crazy, huh?

In the meantime, here’s hoping that you enjoy my Lunchbag scribbles as much as I have enjoyed creating them.
It’s a very special thing to be able to do something fun for and with your kids, for no other reason than to encourage and uplift them.

take care and all the best,
mike . . . :)

The Lunch Bell rang . . .

Welcome everyone to the wonderful world of LUNCHBAGS!

come back for more yummy goodness.
all the best,
m . . .